Ace was one of these companions who had attitude and who did whatever she wanted.

Ace comes from Earth and travelled with the 7th Doctor for a number of years. The Doctor first met Ace when she was a waitress at Iceworld. She was teleported to Iceworld. She ther wanted to go with the Doctor and Glitz to see a Dragon but Glitz wouldn't let her and she even called him a bilgbag! She then angered a visitor and got herself fired. She then blew up a door using nitro-9 and was then caught by Kane who tried to persuade her to join him. She told Mel that her first name was Dorothy. Then her and Mel caught up to the Doctor and Glitz and saw the Dragon and found out it was the treaure that Kane was looking for. Kane then sent some workers to kill it but when they killed it the treasure killed them. Ace helped the Doctor save Iceworld and when Mel left, Ace took her place and travelled with the Doctor.

Ace has fought many enemies and monsters of the Doctor's like Daleks, Light, The Gods of Ragnarok, Davros, The Destroyer, Haemavores, Cybermen, Cheetah People, the Kandyman and The Master

Ace tried to fight off a group of Imperial Daleks in a school with a baseball bat and helped the Doctor steal a time travelling machine from the Renegade Daleks. She helped save Earth from them. She helped the Doctor fight off a group of Cybermen with a bag of gold coins. She killed most of the Cybermen with it and even tried to kill a Cyber Leader. They were all killed. She helped the Doctor fight off the Kandyman and Helen A and actually defeated them both.

Ace always carried around a jacket that said Ace written on it and a caset case. It was however destroyed by a Dalek but then the Doctor made her a new one. Ace was angry with the Doctor when he brought her to the house which scared her and the one that she burned. Ace also went back in time when she was just a baby and met her mother.

Ace didn't fear a lot of things but she did have a habit of calling people like Glitz and Mike names and she whenever she was upset she ran away from the Doctor. Ace did get captured a couple of times by the Happiness Patrol and by Kane.

Ace almost once became a Cheetah Person after visiting the Cheetah World. She did manage to take everybody home and she was free of it when the Cheetah People had left for good and so did the Master.

Ace has appeared in:

Season 24: Dragonfire

Season 25: Remembrance of the Daleks, The Happiness Patrol, Silver Nemesis and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Season 26: Battlefield, Ghost Light, The Curse of Fenric and Survival