Cheetah People
The Cheetah People were once human until they stayed on the planet of the Cheetah People.

The Cheetah people are vicious carnivores who go through time and space abducting humans using black cats. Once the creature or human is teleported the Cheetah People hunt them down and eat them. Ace is then teleported to the planet as is the Doctor and the colonel later on. The Doctor then finds out that it is the Master who is controlling the Cheetah People.

The Master explains to the Doctor that when the Cheetah People fight amoungst themselves the planet starts to burn. The Doctor and his friends escaped the Cheetah People. However the Master caught Mitch after he killed a Cheetah Person. The Master then used Mitch as a teleport back to Earth. Then Ace was turning into one. Ace then left with Kara a Cheetah Person but was then rescued by the Doctor. The Doctor then returned everybody home. Then when the colonel entered his fighting club the Master and Mitch were there and Mitch killed the colonel. Then Mitch took two motorbikes up a hill where he and the Doctor battled until both bikes blew up. The Master told Mitch to die and so he did. Then Kara came to save Ace but was then stabbed to death by the Master. The Master then escaped and headed for the Tardis. The Doctor found him and then they were sent back to the burning planet which was about to explode. The Doctor escaped as did the Master but he had vanished. The Cheetah planet may or may have not been destroyed.

The Cheetah People appeared in:

Season 26: Survival