Clockwork Robot with Rose
The Clockwork Robots are the robots who tick and tock like clocks.

The Clockwork Robots took over the spaceship called the SS Madame de Pompedeur. They needed parts for the ship and used fifty crew members to fill in the missing parts of the ship. The robots had made a gap in time using a fireplace to fifteenth century France. When the Doctor first met Reinette he saw a broken clock but still heard some ticking. He found a Clockwork Robot under her bed and was then chased by it. Both him and the robot returned and the Doctor froze it using a fire extinguisher. Then the robot teleported away and the Doctor returned to France. When Rose and Mickey were wondering about the ship they saw a human eye being used as a camera and a heart plugged into a computer system. The Clockwork Robots needed only one more part and that was Reinette's brain.

The Clockwork Robots caught Rose and Mickey and were about to use their parts too. Until the Doctor arrived and froze their leader. Then the leader managed to come to life again and he and the others teleported to France. They almost succeed until the Doctor broke through using Arthur the Horse. He then told the robots that they couldn't get through to where they came from as the Doctor broke the link. The Clockwork Robot leader then started to turn off and when he did the others did the same until all of the Clockwork Robots were shut down.

The Clockwork Robots appeared in:

Series 2: The Girl in the Fireplace