The mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe also known as Max named by the Editor. The Jagrafess can live up 3000 years and is a massive creature. The Jagrafess comes from the Jagrafess Breeding Grounds.

The Jagrafess lives at floor 500 on Satellite Five. He is in controls the fourth great and bountiful human empire and the news media of Satellite Five in the 51st century. His right hand man is known as the Editor. The Jagrafess needs to stay cool and that is why Satellite Five is so hot. The Editor makes certain people enter floor five hundred and turns them in zombie slaves. The Jagrafess wants to stay in charge of humanity until the Doctor and Rose arrive on floor five hundred. The Editor captures them and gets information about them and their lives.

However a woman called Cathica manages to infiltrate floor 500 and makes the whole floor hot. The Jagrafess is staring to die because of the heat. The Doctor and Rose manage to escape but the zombie humans all die apart from one. The Editor himself tries to escape but the last zombie slave grabs his foot and the Jagrafess explodes above him. It turns out that the Jagrafess is only the right hand man as actually obeys the Dalek Emperor. The Jagrafess was only the begining of the Daleks plan to wipe out humanity. In a hundred years time Satellite Five is renamed the Game Station.

The Jagrafess appeared in:

Series 1: The Long Game