There have been different types of Minotaur which have appeared in the history of Doctor Who

The Minotaur was first seen in the Land of Fiction as one of the characters. The Doctor and Zoe met the Minotaur in a cave. After the Doctor and Zoe said that the Minotaur doesn't exist the Minotaur vanished.

The Minotaur was then seen in the Maze of the Labiryth in which the Doctor and Jo met. The Minotaur was half man and half bull. Eventually the Minotaur was defeated in the end and was killed by Persius.

Many years later the Doctor met a Minotaur who was the cousin of the Nimon who were also a bull like race. The Minotaur killed people in a 1960s hotel with creatures and other beings in each hotel room. The rooms had creatures which were designed to scare somebody like some of the creatures in the rooms were a clown, Weeping Angels and even a gorilla! The Minotaur attacked the Doctor and his friends one by one when people said "praise him." The Minotaur fed on peoples faith. The Minotaur killed three people who were Joe, Howie and Rita. The Doctor did find out that the hotel was the Minotaur's prison cell. The only survivors left were the Doctor, Amy, Rory and a rat humanoid called Gibbis. The Doctor managed defeat the Minotaur and kill it.

The Minotaur has appeared in:

Season 6: The Mind Robber

Season 9: The Time Monster

Series 7: The God Complex