The Ogrons are strong creatures who are really stupid. They are hured to do other beings dirty work

The Ogrons were working for the Daleks in the future. The Ogrons were killing the rebel humans from the future for the Daleks. The humans were trying to not make the house explode to save the future but the Daleks didn't want them to do that because the Daleks controlled the Earth in the 22nd century. The Ogrons then invaded the Earth in the past and tried to take the Doctor but failed. They roamed the underground and the controller told them to leave him with the Doctor and Jo. The controller let them go and was then captured by the Ogrons and was exterminated by the Daleks. The Ogrons along with the Daleks then invaded Earth from the past and were killing the UNIT soldiers. The Doctor prevented the exlosion which made the Daleks not control Earth. The Ogrons were killed and so were the Daleks.

The Ogrons then worked with the Master in the future of Earth. The Ogrons disguised themselves using a type of
sound which worked on the two of the biggest and most powerfulest races in the galaxy the human race and the Draconians. When the Ogrons attacked the Earth cargo ships the humans saw them as Draconians or as humans call them "Dragons". When the Ogrons attacked the Draconian cargo ships the Draconians saw human beings. Both empires were about to go to war. The Ogrons tried to take the Doctor and Jo to the Master from a command centre on Earth. They failed but any killed Ogrons were taken away so that when the noise wears off there would be not evidence left.

Then the Ogrons invaded the council chamber on Draconia so that they could rescue the Master from the Draconians. The Draconians thought the Ogrons were humans until one of the Ogrons was shot. After the Ogrons and the Master escaped the Draconians and the Emperor of Draconia saw that it wasn't a human it was a Ogron. The Doctor was trying to take the Ogron to Earth but the Ogrons invaded the cargo ship and took the Ogron prisoner and Jo. The Doctor when he got to Earth managed to persuade the government to let him head to the planet of the Ogrons. When the Doctor arrived on the planet of the Ogrons he saw the Ogrons running from an Ogron Monster which the Ogrons worshiped. When the Doctor met the Master he saw that the Master and the Ogrons were working for the Daleks. The Ogrons left Jo and the Doctor. The Ogrons have never returned to face the Doctor.

The Ogrons have appeared in:

Season 9: Day of the Daleks

Season 10: Frontier in Space