The Peg Dolls lived inside George's dolls house.

When George got scared of something he put it inside the wardrobe. He put an old dolls house inside it. The Peg Dolls followed Amy and Rory around the dolls house after they kidnapped them from inside an elevator. Then the Peg Dolls took the landlord as well. They also took an old woman. The landlord was touched on the neck by the Peg Dolls and infront of Amy and Rory he quickly turned into a Peg Doll. Then Amy and Rory tried to get past the Peg Dolls but they touched Amy and she turned into one too. Rory managed to escape.

The Peg Dolls got the Doctor and Alex. Then the Peg Dolls chased them and Rory through the house. When the Doctor met up with Rory the Peg Dolls and a Peg Soldier surrounded them. George was then taken and Alex realised that George wasn't his son. George needed Alex to love him and not to get rid of him. Alex then loved George and the Peg Dolls were gone. They had been defeated.

The Peg Dolls have appeared in:

Series 6: Night Terrors