Rashton Warrior Robot
The Raston Warrior Robot first appeared in the Death Zone on Gallifrey. The Raston Warrior Robot is considered the most deadliest killing machine in all of the Galaxy. It has deadly spears hidden in its armourments and can flash in and out of places in just a number of seconds

In the Death Zone the 3rd Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith met this robot up on some cliffs. The Doctor told Sarah to stay still as it reacts to movement and shoots the arrows at its victims. The 3rd Doctor found a way to escape which involved a group of Cybermen to be a distraction.

When the group of Cybermen and a Cyber Leader were in its sights it fired its arrows and killed them all off in just seconds. It shot through their chest plates, arms and heads. The whole group were wiped out and killed. Afterwards the Doctor and Sarah escaped and the robot vanished and wasn't seen again.

The Raston Warrior Robot has appeared in:

Doctor Who's 20 Anniversary: The Five Doctors