The Reapers live inside the Time Vortex

The Reapers are big creatures with massive wings for flight. The Reapers attacked Rose's childhood as Rose saved her father Pete Tyler from death. She opened a gap inside time and space. The Reapers emerged and attacked lots of people from a wedding being held that day. They killed some of the guests and people nearby. Some in a park or others in their gardens. A car kept appearing as it was the car that ran over Pete.

The Reapers surrounded the church and tried to break into it. One of them successfully did and then it chased the guests around the church. It then ate the Doctor and made the Tardis vanish all because Rose touched baby Rose. The Reapers still attacked the chruch until Pete ran infront of the car that killed him. The Reapers then vanished and went back into the Time Vortex.

The Reapers have appeared in:

Series 1: Father's Day