The Kandyman is Helen A's right hand man who kills off her victims and makes her, her sweets.

The Kandyman is a robot with bits of sweets inside and on him. He was created by Gilbert M who is another one of Helen A's right hand men. The Kandyman can't stand lemonade as it makes him stick to the ground or just all together.

He kills Helen A's victims by putting them into a tube and making his red liquid got into the tube too which results in the person drowing. The Doctor enters the kandy kitchen and manages to make the Kandyman stick to the ground twice. The Kandyman does get unstuck.

The Doctor enters the kandy kitchen again along with Ace and they make the Kandyman go down into the sewers of Terra Alpha. Sadly the Kandyman gets killed like all of his victims and the only thing left of him is his robotics.

The Kandyman has appeared in:

Season 25: The Happiness Patrol.